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It all starts in the woods

sustainably managed.

We are the only Spanish company in the wooden furniture sector with European Ecological Label ECOLABEL. This distinction represents the maximum guarantee of European Environmental Excellence and differentiates us by adding value to our folding furniture.

Besides this certificate, all our furniture is certified with the ISO 14001, which accredits us as meeting the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS).

madera ecológica

Purchasing products bearing the EU Ecolabel is equivalent to the conservation and sustainability of our planet. The EU Ecolabel.

Selection of the raw material

100% beechwood

All our products are made with top quality beechwood always using wood from certified sustainably managed forests.

Therefore, all our furniture is certified with the PEFC label that distinguishes products from certified forests and that have been subjected to strict controls on its production process, through the PEFC chain of custody.

It is our sustainable philosophy, the one that has made us members of the Network of Entities Responsible with forests.

muebles de madera ecológica

Our foldable furniture has the certificates of Structural Strength, Security, Stability and Durability,  because they meet European standards. Certified by AIDIMA.

Staff and facilities

60.000m2 and a team of 12 people


Our quality philosophy does not end with the product we deliver. The ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that we meet the high standards of systems of quality management required by the ISO policy. In addition, this certificate guarantees we possess infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed to monitor, improve and progress towards efficiency, customer service and product excellence.

fábrica de muebles de madera ecológica
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