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Finishes for the wood

Linseed and varnishing


Natural varnishing

Honey varnishing

Walnut varnishing

Brandy varnishing

“Each tree is unique, so each piece we make is unique. Linseed and varnishing preserve the beauty of the wood grain, so the result is always unique.”


White – 06

Black – 07

Red – 35

Green – 72

Blue – 77

Yellow – 03

Ivory – 61

Light blue – 83

Pink – 15

Fuchsia – 88

Metallic silver – 09

Metallic gold – 10

Your lacquered, in the colour you wish

We can paint the furniture with the color that the occasion requires. Here we have shown the most common, but the possibilities are endless. We also facilitate the color code next to the name, if you are unsure of the color you want.

Decorations and pyrography

Your furniture, your identity

If you want your chairs and tables to be unrepeatable, we can decorate them with any design to make them really unique, as well as record your logo using pyrography. Ask us for samples if you want some ideas or bring us directly your design.