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Tarps for armchairs, hammocks and footrests

Acrylic fabric

Solid colours

Ideal for both sober and elegant spaces, to make colorful compositions combining different furniture. Next to each color name we have indicated the color code for if you like it as it looks in the picture, but remember that you can ask us the color you want.
White – 01
Yellow – 03
Green – 072
Orange- 04
Brown – 05
 Ecru- 061
 Blue – 07
Fuchsia – 088
Dark grey – 098
Tangerine – 066
Light blue – 083
Navy – 077
Black – 039
Pistachio – 064
Bordeaux – 060
Red – 040
Blue – 063
lona gris
Light grey – 067
Red – 035
lona 045
Purple – 045
Turquoise – 328


Our customers ask for them many times to furnish terraces and outdoor spaces, such as beaches and gardens. We show you the most common combinations with the corresponding color code, but you can ask for the colors and combinations that your space needs.
Stripes White / Red – 028
Stripes White / Blue – 012
Stripes White / Beige – 514
Stripes White / Yellow – 011
Stripes White / Black- 014
Stripes White / Green – 569
Stripes Beige/ Ecru – 512
Stripes Multicolour – 153
Stripes Multicolour – 622
Stripes Multicolour – 662

Teflon coating

All our acrylic and Sunless Screen tarps repel water better, thus reducing the risk of staining. This type of fabric is excellent for both exterior and interior.

Removable tarps

If you want to change the tarps for aesthetic reasons or because you decided to renew, you have no problem with our system of removable tarps for armchairs and hammocks.

Screen fabric

White – 01
Vanilla – 02
White / Grey – 43
Black – 90

Solar protection and air circulation

Sunless Screen tarps are perfect for outdoor spaces, since they allow greater air circulation while protecting from the sun.

Variety of colours

As for the rest of finishes, we can customize the colour, add your logo or develop a specific design.

Decorations, embroidered and serigraphy

Tarps can be customized to the last detail: choose between the colors we have set here or tell us exactly what you want. We can also embroider, decorate and screen print the tarps to best represent your brand.

One customer, one design

Thousands of unique ideas

We have shown you some combinations that have been asked for, but you can choose all the details of your furniture making it unique and the best ambassador for your brand.